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DATAZ excels in streamlining data complexities for startup companies on their growth journey.

Once a tech company gets to a point of significant growth, it faces a development slowdown, it’s caused by increased data complexity.

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Big Data
Just a fraction of the leading tech we use to fix your data

Solving your DATA Challenges

Extensive expertise and industry-specific knowledge empower us to craft tailored solutions. Our portfolio spans diverse sectors, including IoT, Fintech, cybersecurity, content management, and beyond. We’ll face any challenge, regardless of their form or scale.

Revamp Data Processes

Shifting to fault-tolerant, highly available & monitored standards. Make data downtime a thing of the past.

Grooming The Booming Data

Each object of your system will a clear purpose. Developing and expanding the data model will become intuitive.


Underperforming queries will be lightning-quick once more. Your data will be stored, computed, served, and governed by state-of-the-art tools and methodologies.


We will monitor your data using cutting edge machine learning methods and identify potential inconsistencies before they impact downstream processes.

DataOps Management

Your data deserves a proper automated CI/CD process. New data deployments won’t be so stressful anymore.

Hiring consultation

We will help you identify the right talent to hire and will validate they are up to standard

Our Customers


We're a different breed of engineers. We combine technical know-how with strong communication and interpersonal skills, turning clients into lifelong friends.

We’re insource and all-in. We partner up, take ownership and fully integrate ourselves into our client’s organization. But we also know how critical it is to be able to move fast and operate in a dynamic environment.

So we’re collaborative. You know what you want. We listen. Then we challenge, and try to bring a fresh perspective.

Yasha Neiman

Founder & CEO

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